European Style Pheasant Shooting at Little "q" Ranch

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European style pheasant shooting, or "Continental Shooting", harkens back to traditional driven pheasant shoots where large quantities of high flying pheasants provide the ultimate test of a sportsman's shooting ability.

Little "q" Pheasant Shoots

10-12 pairs of shooters are positioned at stations around a central structure from where pheasants are released in waves. After each wave has ended, shooters rotate to the next station to await the start of the next wave of released pheasants. This continues until shooters have had a chance to shoot from every station in the field.

Pheasant shoots begin by meeting at the Tin Can Lodge for morning coffee. Then off to the field for the first half of shooting before breaking for elevenses, or mid-shoot snack. Once elevenses is over, it is back to the field for the final half of shooting. Lunch is served when the entire shoot has ended. The harvested pheasants are dressed, packaged, and divvied equally among the shooters.

Pheasant Numbers, Rates, and Recommandations

  • 325 pheasants
  • $300 per shooter
  • Hunters are responsible for their shotguns and shells 
  • Blaze orange not a requirement for pheasant shooting
  • Water proof boots are recommended 
  • Cooler(s) to transport you birds
  • Shooting dates are scheduled and advertised via Little "q" Ranch's social media accounts so keep up-to-date by subscribing.
  • Corporate shoots are available upon request.